We have 160 poster sites in central London.

Our central London 6 sheets are sold as set packages of 50 panels.

You can download the site lists below.

The average VAC score of our 6 sheets is more than twice that of all other (non-digital) road-side 6 sheets in Greater London, which means they get seen.....a lot!

Use the map below to zoom in on specific locations, click the icons to view location addresses or drag the 'orange man' on to the map to view them at 'street level'.

View Infocus Centra London 6 sheets in a full screen map

To find out more or enquire about our city centre poster campaigns get in touch

London pack 1.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [10.9 KB]
London pack 2.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [10.9 KB]
London pack 3.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [10.9 KB]